Meet Host: Kris


Since the beginning of time, Kristen has enjoyed working with her hands, allowing this tactile pleasure to provide the motivating spark required to spawn a truly unique artist.

Over time, Kristen has held multiple jobs that have permitted her to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the art world as well as in the high volume manufacturing world of global business. Both extremely important when producing a successful podcast.

As a rule, Kristen enjoys rustling the feathers of the innocent. The halls of her former employers may even still be uttering whispers of her dreaded kidney punch or the Friday afternoon puppet show that she would host in her office to mock the business’s owners and management.

Utilizing her treasure chest of skills, Kristen joined radio3way as a founding member.

She also gave us our name and then shortly thereafter, coined the phrase “edgy education”.

In closing, we at radio3way would like you to know that when Kristen is not recording our podcast, she seems to truly enjoy (among other things) designing floral arrangements and feeding on the souls of the weak and naive.

Her Other Favorite Passtimes:

  • Anything art, including: acrylic, charcoal, cheese wax, crayons, ink, markers, oils, pastels and pencils (to name a few).
  • Geocaching
  • NOT podcasting – she was drug into radio3way and she was kicking and screaming the entire way
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Shrinky Dink Creation (all true)
  • Visiting “Sleepytown” (also all true… feel free to ask her about it!)

Follow Kristen:

  • To be honest, Kristen doesn’t like to be followed, but if you are lucky and your timing is perfect and the moon and the stars are aligned, you may catch her.

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